EM2ClientsDemoA is an automated Demo of the Blind Copy Emailing application you will get if you subscribe to our service. If you have followed the Apache OpenOffice Download, setup and EM2Clients App instructions, located in the video on the home page, you should be ready to run the Demo. Those Instructions are also summarized in a series of Screen Shots of OpenOffice and Thunderbird Downloading, Installation, configuration and use, located on the EM2C Setup page. Clicking the "EM2ClientsDemoA.ods" Name below will download the Demo File to your computer. After Downloading, remember that you must move the Demo to your Desktop or Documents Directories for the Macros to Function and the Demo to work properly.

If you use our App & Email Service Fully each month, Email will cost less than a penny per email to send to potential clients. That's more than 50 times less costly than hardcopy mailings to potential customers. Download the EM2C-Pricing.pdf file to see a summary of our pricing structure.